Virtual Appointments

With Covid & lockdowns causing chaos for brides, we launched our popular VIRTUAL APPOINTMENTS to offer brides the chance to have the bridal experience AND get their gown in time. We've been running them on and off for well over a year now and we and our brides are loving them - plus they make a great story!

What is a 'Virtual Appointment'?

  Virtual appointments are just like nrmal appointments except we meet over Zoom or Whatsapp and you try wedding dresses on at home! We still offer fittings if you order a dress and you still get to involve your loved ones if you wish :)

How Do Virtual Appointments Work?

  1 - First, we chat with the bride on the phone to find out her likes/dislikes and budget and organise a date for her virtual.

  2 - We collate gowns on mannequins based on our conversation and send the bride her link to Zoom (or whatsapp if you prefer)

  3 -  The fun bit! You gather your girls, grab drinks and snacks, pop on your fave tunes and we have our appointment where we go through the gowns we have chosen for you. As we chat, we may show you a few others too & if there are any you wish to try on, we arrange a collection date.

  4 - You try on the dresses at home. In your box of gowns there will be one wild card dress along with veils, head-dresses and all the fun bits you need to choose THE DRESS! There is also an order sheet should you wish to order and we can talk you through measurements & any other questions you may have.

How long do I loan the gowns for?

  Usually 1-2 days and we arrange contactless collection and drop-off at the shop. For those of you living further away, for an extra fee, we can post the gowns to you and you can post them back.

If I order a dress, how long does it take to come in?

  Gowns can take up to 6-9months to be made once ordered - they can take less but that is the usual. If you go for a sample gown, obviously you can just keep it with you :)

How much will it cost me?

  To book your virtual is £20 which you can pay via bank transfer.

  If you choose to loan gowns it is £100 per dress with the first £100 being non-refundable to cover our costs. So if you borrow 3 dresses, you would pay £300 and we would refund you £200 if you didn't pick a dress. If you did choose to order a gown, the £300 would go towards your deposit.

How much is the deposit?

To order a new dress, we require a 50% deposit but payment plans are available.

How do I pay?

  We have found that a bank transfer is the easiest contact-free option but you can also pay by phone.

What happens when I return loaned dresses?

  We quarantine gowns for a minimum of 48hrs, then steam clean each gown, veil and wipe down belts and tiaras/clips etc before sending them on to the next bride.