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Updated: May 11, 2018

For our first blog post I thought I should introduce Love Story Bridal Boutique to you all. I am Stephanie the owner, and if you follow us on social media, you will already know that I'm not a #selfie person! I much prefer to hide behind our gowns and decor than subject you to my cringing. After all, your bridal experience isn't about me. Love Story Boutique is just that: a celebration of YOUR Love Story. It is all about The Bride.

Things That Make Us GREAT:

  • Expertise: Love Story is owned and run by myself. I have worked in bridal since I was 16years old and have worked in 4 other bridal boutiques so I wanted to bring together all of the things that I liked, and all of the things I felt were lacking in other boutiques and put them all under one roof! I also have a degree in Fine Art and a background in wedding photography so I can put all of that creativity and training into find you your perfect dress!

  • I HAVE SEEN IT ALL! From brides being conscious of their bodies, to sisters getting into punch-ups, and questionable underwear, (Alan Carr thong anyone?) literally nothing will faze us! I have worked in bridal shops since I was 16 and have had brides faint on me, wobbly bits shoved in my face and nipples go awry. Honestly, we barely notice so even if you have a llama growing on your bum-cheek, you don't have to worry.

  • Grandma: My gran is getting quite well-known here! She is here most Saturdays and will force food and drinks upon you regardless of your diet plan - which brings me nicely to my next point....

  • Snacks: Here at Love Story, you will get FED. Whether it's Grandma's baking or treats and favours from the awesome 'Champagne Cakes' ( ), we can't help leaving confectionery about. We apologise to your waistline in advance.

  • Designers: My designers are the best. There is no question. I have worked with many designers over the years and have found my chosen labels to create stunning HIGH QUALITY designs and to always be reliable (THE most important quality in bridal).

  • Timeless: I have this thing with Old Hollywood. You'll notice this the second you walk in as there are black and white photographs of Grace Kelly & Marilyn Monroe on their wedding days above the counter. I hand-pick each and every gown ensuring that each one is timeless. I want my brides to be able to look at their wedding pictures in 20years time and still LOVE their gown and so I don't follow trends as they date quickly, which means that thing you saw a Kardashian have on her Big Day probably won't be in this boutique - but it's for a reason.

  • Humour: Sometimes your appointment may feel a little undignified as I'm pulling an underskirt down under your dress, or you might fall off the box (we provide a box for brides to stand on instead of having to stand in heels for two hours), and a clingy hairpiece might trash your hair, but so what? Keep your sense of humour and I guarantee that we will laugh about all of the not-so-perfect moments when you come to collect your finished gown.

  • Sizes: We love women of all shapes and sizes! Our gowns range in from a size 10 to 20 and I can pin and panel to make a size 16 fit onto a size 10 and vice versa - another reason the 'Expertise' point above comes in handy.

  • Love: I never tire of hearing how he got down on one knee, or attempted to but fell on unstable grass and ended up with his elbow in cow poo. I never, ever, ever want to stop hearing your stories and the day that I do, is the day that I quit! Don't ever think you will bore me - show me that ring and tell me how you met. It all comes together to find you the perfect dress.

Obviously, I could go on for hours about all of the things that make us great but I have to stop somewhere as I do have children at home. (2 mischievous little girls - hence why I'm still hiding at work!)

I would love to have you visit us and be force-fed by grandma so give us a call on 01772 780584 or email us to book your appointment. You can also visit the 'Your Appointment' section of the website ( See link below) which will hopefully answer any questions you my still have about what to expect if visiting for the first time.

I hope to see you (and your Alan Carr thong) very soon.

- Stephanie x

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