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With weddings coming back - albeit on a smaller scale - we're getting excited by all the floral inspiration we are seeing at the minute! During #lockdown Britain's creatives were obviously drowning in their artistic juices and since being freed from their homes have amazed the engaged public with a plethora of new ideas to dress up your Big Day! We've brought you some of the inspiration we are loving as we head into Autumn and Winter. Florals are such an amazing way to show off your personality AND support local businesses! #ShopLocal

Bold & Beautiful

First up, we're diving into the most vibrant look - think bright colours, large petals and lots of contrast - no wedding theme needed here! Just big blooms in clashing colours to make your guests smile and bring colour and joy to your day. Bright flowers are also a fantastic choice because they go with EVERYTHING! Think sunflowers and peony's in summer, and thistles or primroses with lush, round alliums for #WinterWeddings, with this look it's the bigger, the better!

Our tea length Brighton Belle gowns like the one below available in an array of colours, will bring character & fun to this joyous trend and if you'd like to see more inspiration, our zany friend Sarah at Olive Owl Floristry is a master at combining unexpected colours and textures to create something truly unique.

Cafe au Lait

In contrast to the burst of vibrant colours above, comes the trend for a theme that would more likely match your afternoon treat - cafe au lait! Dahlias are a great choice for this chic look which works just as well for #decor as it does weddings, especially when combined with dried flowers and #pampassgrass (more on that later). Roses in nude or blush tones and even flecks of gold and silver can bring depth to such a subtle but gorgeous vibe matching perfectly with the #boho trend that is going nowhere!

Our Kellan dress by Casablanca Bridal shown below is a beautiful addition to a low-key wedding with it's unique cotton lace and low V-back, so if you know a #bohobride that would love this look, get in touch with our friends down the road at The Bloom Room in Longridge.

Natural & Wild

If you're more of a free spirit, (think floral lace, soft crepes and chiffon), then wildflowers may be just up your street! Scavenge for lavender, poppies and daisies and pop them in glass bottles or hessian wrapped jam-jars and mix colours and textures for a lovely, #rustic barn wedding. Another sweet touch would be to incorporate some of your dress by using the excess fabric from your hem to wrap around your bouquet making a timeless keepsake and a lovely detail in your pictures to look back on forever.

Our dreamy Georgina dress by Sophia Tolli would make the most incredible backdrop for a wildflower bouquet and sit perfectly against pretty mixed flower centre pieces and #flowerarches. The absolute rockstars in this area are Flowergirls of Whalley or Bluebells and Daisies - head over to their Insta pages for endless inspo.


Our friend Sarah at The Rose Boutique in Wigan (who is also responsible for our now #InstaFamous window installation, check it out on our Instagram page @LoveStory_Bridal), recently posted the most sumptuous #burgundy floral displays that made me just swoon! Sarah used the rich, plum tones of #dahlias against the softer shades of very soft pink #roses against lush, green foliage to create cascading bouquets and heart-stopping centre pieces. Our blush coloured Blythe gown by True Bride would look beautiful with it's delicate hand-beading and #Gatsby inspired feminine lines including a translucent cape!

Cool & Clean Dried Flowers

For those of you that love to keep up to date with the latest and greatest hits, #driedflowers and grasses are the way to go! They allow for a modern and Instagram-able wedding reception, you also have the added benefit of your floral arrangements already being dried out so that you can keep them forever! This means with the purchase of a double glass frame you could press and present your floral arrangements and keep them in your living room, or for the more adventurous of you, try getting a basic resin kit and create some coasters out of buttonholes or corsages, can you tell we have spent too much time on the small business side of Tik-Tok during lockdown ;)

The Flower Shop by Morgan in Garstang are pro's at the dried flower game which would suit our new Chloe dress by Etoile/Enzoani amazingly. Her soft, flowing skirt is layered in various laces and is also available in ivory.

Clean & Fresh

Now finally, to cleanse the palate with some fresh foliage and clean lines. Simple, elegant ivory serves as the backdrop here to emerald coloured leaves and ferns serving up sumptuous scents from eucalyptus to mint. Imagine walking into your wedding reception to a room filled with those you love and wonderful fresh aroma's filling your nose as you take it all in - imagine! Our stunning Wong gown by St Patrick was absolutely MADE for this pared back, elegant look! To recreate this fabulous trend, ask the girls at Bloom & Green, they're pro's at this look.

However, you choose to use flowers at your wedding, there's 100% a way that you can use them to express yourselves as a couple and make sure that your pictures are always going to make you smile! Let us know below which floral trend is your favourite and remember, the pictures will be in your parents/grandparents living room forever! XX

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